6 practical tips to make your smartphone healthy

You do not have to install any extra apps to use your smartphone healthier. Instead, use these standard features of your Android phone.

Making your smartphone healthier: 6 tips

A smartphone is of course very useful, but staring at the screen for too long is anything but healthy. There are plenty of apps that let you use your phone more sensibly, but this is not always necessary. Even without additional apps, there are plenty of ways to make your smartphone healthier.

1. Turn off notifications

Apps compete for your attention. An incoming email, reaction to an Instagram photo or new WhatsApp message: there is no shortage of notifications. Every time you hear the sound of these notifications, you are distracted for a moment.

It is therefore better to turn off notifications completely, or at least be critical of which apps they are allowed to send. To do this, go to ‘Apps and notifications’ in the settings and go through the list of applications. As soon as you tap on an app, you can indicate whether it can send notifications.

Make smartphone healthy

You can also switch off notification dots under the heading ‘Notifications’. These are the dots above an app when a new notification is ready for you. Don’t want to be distracted at all? Then turn on ‘Do not disturb’ by swiping down the notification bar and pressing the icon.

2. Consider the noise

Too loud a sound is harmful to your hearing. A lot of people turn their phones on too loud, slowly deafening them. This is a major problem especially among young people.

It is therefore important to choose a reasonable volume, especially if you often listen to music through earplugs. Go to the settings menu and under ‘Sound’ choose how loud media, calling and your ringtone will go.

3. Turn on night lights

In addition, looking at a bright smartphone screen is tiring and bad for your eyes. Therefore, enable the option ‘Adjust brightness’ under the heading ‘Display’ in the settings menu.

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