8 little Android 12 features worth checking out

Android 12 is full of small functions and improvements that make the operating system easier to use. In this article, we collect the nicest, smaller features of the major Android update.

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Small Android 12 functions at a glance

Android 12’s first developer beta is now available. Although not all new features are included in this test version, quite a few have already been discovered. That is why we discuss below eight useful, smaller features that are introduced with the successor to Android 11. Are you reading?

1. Scrolling screenshots

The Play Store has been offering apps for years that allow you to take ‘scrolling screenshots’, in other words: screenshots that go further than what you see on the screen. These are very useful, because they also allow you to capture what falls off the screen. Consider, for example, a large piece of text on a web page, or a long WhatsApp conversation.

It seems like Google is finally adding this feature to Android as well, eliminating the need for external apps. If you take a screenshot on a smartphone with Android 12, you will see a new ‘Scroll’ option appear at the bottom right.

2. One-hand mode

Also handy: Android 12 ensures that you can operate your smartphone much more easily with one hand. It works a bit differently than we expected: instead of the entire screen being ‘shrunk’ and moved to the corner of the display, the top simply comes down. This makes it easier to reach the top options and buttons on the screen with your thumb.

3. Better screenshot editor

The built-in screenshot editor is expanded with new options in Android 12. This gives you more options to edit screenshots, including a text and emoji button.

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