9 solutions to common problems

From WhatsApp messages read aloud in English, to poorly functioning voice controls to even not even getting it to work at all: Android Auto does not work flawlessly for everyone. In this guide, we therefore provide solutions so that you can continue driving.

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Android Auto not working: 9 possible solutions

Your Android phone, but on your car dashboard. That’s Android Auto in a nutshell. Google’s on-the-go platform is very popular and generally very simple. With new Android smartphones, it is usually a matter of pairing with your car (which must be supported) and you can go.

However, Android Auto is not that easy for everyone. Therefore, in this guide you will find some solutions to common problems about the car version of Android. Tap on one of the links below to go directly to that tip.

1. Can you use Android Auto?

Before we start with all kinds of troubleshooting tips, it’s important to determine if Android Auto is on your phone. Do you have a smartphone with Android 10 or Android 11? Then Android Auto is installed on your phone by default.

Do you have an Android device with Android 9.0 (Pie) or an older version? Then you have to manually put the app on your device. You do this by installing a so-called apk file. Normally you can install new apps from Google’s Play Store store, but Android Auto is not (yet) available here. In the article below, we explain in detail how to install and download Android Auto.

Downloading Android Auto and using it in your car: that’s how you do it

Finally, do not forget to check whether your car supports Android Auto at all. The Android Auto website has an extensive list of all supported brands and models. If your car cannot handle the on-the-go platform, you can still install a system from, for example, JVC, Pioneer or Sony.

2. Updates: up-to-date on the road

Updates are for your phone what an MOT is for your car. The updated software versions ensure that your smartphone remains up to date and works properly. Before you go out, it is therefore important to update both the Android version of your phone and your installed apps. In the article below we explain how to do this.

Update the Android software: this way you always have the latest version

3. Cannot connect with car

You can already use Android Auto wirelessly, but in most cars you still need a cable. Does nothing happen when you connect your phone to your car, but should it?

Then try to rule out the possibility that the problem is not with the cable. Experience has shown that not every USB cable works equally well. It is best to use the original charging cable from your smartphone, or an alternative high-quality cable. In any case, avoid USB cables of dubious quality.

Android Auto review 2021

It also pays to browse through your car’s infotainment system. With most cars you have to start Android Auto yourself and the way you do this differs per model. With many car systems, however, you have a cup of apps from which you can start Android Auto.

4. Connecting several cars

Have you been testing whether Android Auto works on multiple cars? Then it might be wise to ‘forget’ these cars again when you connect the app to your own car. That way, you’ll start with a figurative clean slate and the app won’t get confused:

  1. Open the Android Auto app on your smartphone;
  2. Tap on ‘Previously connected cars’ and press the three dots at the top right of the screen’;
  3. Select ‘Forgot all cars’.

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