Android 11 destroys Mi A3

Xiaomi makes Android 11 available for the Mi A3, but it is better not to download the update. Due to major problems, the Chinese manufacturer has halted the rollout.

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Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 11 update causes problems

Xiaomi has a hand at rolling out major Android upgrades with the necessary problems, and the Mi A3 is now again going wrong. Although the Android 11 update for the Mi A3 has since been discontinued, users reported major bugs after getting the upgrade. After installing Android 11, the Mi A3 would stop working, charging or connecting to a computer.

The rollout of the Android 11 update has now been discontinued and Xiaomi promises to come up with a solution as soon as possible. It is unclear when the final update will be made available; Xiaomi says it will keep users informed.

As said, it is not the first time that Xiaomi has blundered with updates. When the Mi A3 was updated to Android 10 last year, the update caused the device’s fingerprint scanner to stop working. The Xiaomi phone also slowed down and the battery drained faster. Older Android One smartphones, the Mi A1 and Mi A2, also had problems.

More about Android 11 and the Mi A3

Android 11 introduces all kinds of useful improvements, including chat bubbles and smarter notifications. The upgrade appeared in September last year for Pixel phones and is now available for various devices, including some from Samsung.

The Mi A3 is the company’s most recent Android One smartphone and appeared in the Netherlands in July 2019. The device runs on a virtually bare Android version and gets software updates more often and faster. It does not seem that the Mi A3 will get a successor, because Xiaomi would have stopped developing Android One devices. Nokia still regularly releases smartphones in the Android One program. For example, the company recently came out with the Nokia 5.4.

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