‘Android 12 makes it easier to operate your smartphone with one hand’

The new Android 12, which should appear later this year, will have a handy option to make it easier to operate your smartphone with one hand. This is how it would work.

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Android 12 gets one-handed mode

Since Android phones nowadays almost all have a screen of around 6.5 inches, it is very difficult to operate them properly with one hand. Android 12, the major Android update of this year, should change that by introducing a ‘one-hand mode’. This is reported by the generally well-established website 9to5Google.

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Various manufacturers have already built such a feature into their Android software, but this is still missing in the standard version of Android. The function would work very simply: you swipe up diagonally from the corner of the screen and the one-handed mode is activated. The screen of your Android phone is then ‘reduced’ and moved downwards, so that you can reach it more easily with your thumb.

To close the feature, tap the area outside the window. It would also be possible to set a timer, which automatically switches off one-handed mode after a certain period of time. Android 12 also closes the function when you switch between apps, or when the keyboard is opened. After all, it is more difficult to type in a smaller screen.

More about Android 12

The latest Android version is rumored to be codenamed “Snow Cone” internally at Google, but it will be released as Android 12. Recently, the first screenshots of Android 12 appeared, showing, for example, a new design. In addition, Google seems to be working on new privacy options and better widgets for the successor to Android 11.

The final Android 12 update will take a while, since Google often only releases the major software update in August or September. We do expect that the first developer version will be released soon, and that normal users will also be able to download a beta in a month’s time.

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