Android Auto gets wallpapers and Google Assistant shortcuts

Do you use Android Auto? Then from now on you can get started with a lot of new features. Google is rolling out new wallpapers and Google Assistant shortcuts, among other things.

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New Android Auto functions available

We already knew through rumors that Android Auto would get a number of new functions and now the update is actually available. According to website Android Police you can now set wallpapers in Android Auto, giving the software a new coat of paint. Google has added some backgrounds to Auto, but it doesn’t let you upload images yourself just yet. This may change in the future.

Also new is the ability to place Google Assistant shortcuts on the screen. That’s handy, because it means you don’t necessarily have to use your voice to get the smart assistant to do something. For example, you can create a shortcut to call a specific contact or to start navigation.

The Google Assistant routines, which allow you to perform multiple actions in succession with one command, are also added to Android Auto. This feature was also in the software years ago, but then disappeared for unclear reasons. The good news is that you can now use the routines again when you are on the road.

More about Android Auto

Curious about our experiences with Android Auto in 2021? We will tell you all about it in our extensive Android Auto review! In it you can read exactly what you can do with it and we give various useful and cool tips for apps to use in the car. We also take a closer look at what we hope to see in the future in terms of new possibilities and functions.

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