Android security update February 2021 now available for Pixels

Google has released the second 2021 security update. The February patch is now available for recent Pixel phones and will be coming to third party devices in the coming weeks.

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Android security update February 2021 available

android security update

The February 2021 security update will be available immediately for Google’s own Pixel phones as usual. These are the Pixel 3 and newer, but we have listed all suitable Pixel smartphones below.

You will automatically receive a notification when the February security update is ready for you. It is also possible to manually check for updates. You do this by opening the settings on your Pixel phone, going to ‘System’, tapping ‘Advanced’ and selecting ‘System update’. The security update will then appear on the screen and you can download and install it.

However, the patch may not appear immediately. Google is rolling out updates gradually, so it may take a while before it is available to everyone. The software update does not contain major new features, but mainly minor improvements and security fixes.

I don’t have a Pixel, when will I get the update?

Don’t have a Google Pixel phone, but a smartphone from another brand? It then depends on the manufacturer if and when you can expect the February patch. Various manufacturers are rolling out updates fairly quickly, including Samsung, OnePlus and Nokia.

With other brands it may take a little longer. Some manufacturers even choose to release a larger update once a quarter. The patches are then bundled, so that you are completely up-to-date again. Motorola does this, for example.

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