Android TV gets an update and goes after Google TV: this is what it looks like

Google has released an update for Android TV. The new software version introduces, among other things, a new design that is reminiscent of Google TV, the operating system of the latest Chromecast.

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Update bridges the gap between Android TV and Google TV

The update will initially roll out for a select group of countries, which do not include the Netherlands. According to Google, the new software version will roll out here in “the coming weeks”. The Android TV update introduces, among other things, a new design: the home screen has been overhauled and is largely identical to Google TV.

For example, the new design puts more emphasis on all types of content that you can play. On the home screen you will find a section with your favorite apps, such as YouTube, the Google Play Store or Prime Video from Amazon. Below that is the ‘Next’ section that allows you to quickly and easily continue watching series and films that you have already started.

Furthermore, the Android TV update introduces a clear layout consisting of three tabs at the top of the screen: ‘Home’, ‘Discover’ and ‘Apps’. The second tab is full of recommendations for movies and series that you may find interesting. The Apps section of course provides access to your personal apps.

Little difference with Google TV

All in all, the new update bridges the gap between Android TV and Google TV: the operating systems now look almost identical. For the time being, however, they will continue to co-exist. Google TV is the spiritual successor to Android TV and runs on the latest Chromecast, for example.

This streaming dongle is therefore fully called Google Chromecast with Google TV. The Google gadget has been extremely popular for years, but the latest version is not available in the Netherlands. In the article below you can read how you can still get the Chromecast here. Before purchase, also check our extensive Chromecast with Google TV review to read if it is worth the money, or watch the video.

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