Are you driving? All our Android Auto and Automotive videos in a row

Recently several videos have appeared on our YouTube channel about Android Auto and Android Automotive. In this article we list them again for you.

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Watch our Android Auto videos

The entire month of February 2021 stands Android Planet all about Android for the car. We focus on Android Auto, we give useful tips and of course we got into the car to have a good look at the software. Besides written articles, reviews, backgrounds and tips, this also includes videos!

For example, we made an extensive video about Android Auto in 2021. In it we explain how to get it working and what you can do with it. We also give some useful tips for apps that can be used with the system. Curious about all our experiences on paper? Check out the written Android Auto 2021 review.

Download, install and use Android Auto

Android Auto is still not officially usable in the Netherlands, but is pre-installed on devices with Android 10 or higher. One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Android Auto is how to download, install and use it.

That is why we have made the video below, in which it is explained step by step. Would you like to read the step-by-step plan for this again? Check out our written tip in which you can read how to download and use Android Auto.

Compare Android Auto vs Android Automotive

The successor to Android Auto is also in the starting blocks in the form of Android Automotive. We took a deeper look at both systems and compared them extensively. For example, we discussed the similarities and differences, but also, for example, the app offer or with which type of cars you can use it at all.

Our experiences with Android Automotive

And of course we have been on the road a lot to publish an extensive review of Android Automotive with all the ins and outs of this operating system. Automotive is much more integrated into the car than Android Auto, so you can do much more with it. However, it is still really in the starting blocks, because on some points it is still a bit less nice than Android Auto. You can check that and more in the video below.

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