‘Choose Huawei P50 Pro operating system yourself: Android or HarmonyOS’

An unknown Twitter account states that the upcoming Huawei P50 Pro will be released in two versions. As a result, you will soon have the choice of a version with Android or the HarmonyOS operating system from Huawei.

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Huawei P50 Pro operating system: choose yourself

The rumors have been spread by the unknown Twitter account hereYashRay, so we take the news with a good grain of salt. It does seem a logical choice for the company, which is no longer allowed to use a full version of Android due to the trade ban.

You can also, according to this rumor, opt for a P50 Pro version with HarmonyOS. That is a proprietary operating system from Huawei that should not only be used on smartphones. The manufacturer intends to apply this software to laptops, tablets or wearables, for example.

Huawei P50 Pro render
Alleged Huawei P50 Pro render

Devices that are currently still being released by Huawei run on a stripped-down version of Android. Integration with apps and services from Google is therefore not available. In practice, this means that you cannot get started with, for example, the Play Store, Google Maps or YouTube.

Alleged specifications Huawei P50 (Pro)

The P50 Pro model will be equipped with the proprietary Kirin 9000 chip and 6 / 8GB RAM, along with 128 / 256GB internal storage. According to recently published renders, the device has an oval camera module on the back containing five sensors. Specifications thereof have not yet been mentioned. We do expect a primary camera with a high resolution and a wide-angle lens and telephoto lens, among other things. The screen is 6.8 inches in size and has strongly rounded screen edges. Finally, the selfie camera is placed in a small hole in the display.

Huawei P50 Pro render
Alleged Huawei P50 render

About the normal P50 it is mentioned that it gets a screen of 6.1 or 6.2 inches, where the rounding is a lot less strong. It is also an amoled panel, which makes the colors pop off the display. Finally, Huawei will probably come up with a P50 Pro Plus, equipped with the best hardware and the largest screen. However, further details have not yet been mentioned.

Presentation still unknown

The Huawei P40 series was performed in March 2020. Whether that month was chosen again this year for the presentation of the devices in the P50 line is still the question. In addition, it is unknown whether the producer will come with a Lite model.

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