Column: Tiktok versus Instagram – TikTok romanticizes the normal

I keep looking at TikTok and I have now found out why this app is so much nicer than Instagram.

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TikTok vs Instagram

In the new year, I have not resolved to use less TikTok. The app does lock after half an hour a day, but like the people on Urk, I just ignore the rules. The app offers an ideal combination of humor, beauty, fails, dogs, talent and more. Opening TikTok now even feels much better than opening Instagram.

While it largely depends on who you follow, Instagram is generally a place where you show the best side of yourself. You only show the most beautiful images, where you look good, where your house is completely clean and your dog or children behave well. Full of filters of course to make everything look perfect as possible.

I’ve tried to make my Instagram better by unfollowing certain accounts, tapping on the search page I want to see more of, and following more artists. However, it remains a strange place.


This largely has to do with what the platform wants you to see. If you like something on Instagram, the platform will always show you nicer versions of it. Until you scroll through the images with an inferiority complex. You are going to reflect on an ideal image that only exists on Instagram.

Of course, TikTok also wants to give you more of what you like. When you’ve watched a movie, the app thinks you want to see more of it. But you are not being pushed in a nicer direction. This has to do with the nature of the videos posted on TikTok.

Besides the dances and pranks, it is mainly normal people on TikTok who romanticize not perfection, but the normal. Not an ideal body or ideal house, but through lighting and music, normal daily activities such as getting up, choosing clothes and making breakfast are beautiful.

TikTok vs Instagram

Normal is enough

Instagram shows you what you don’t have and offers you tons of ads with products to fill that empty feeling, while TikTok shows you how beautiful the normal is. My favorite TikTokkers are people who are just sharing something from their life. For example, a nice walk in nature or something at home.

That’s why authenticity does so well on TikTok. People who are completely themselves and share their life and passion are much more interesting. On TikTok is normally good enough. Provided it is nicely mounted of course.

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