Dark mode Google Maps will be rolling out in the coming weeks

Google Maps is finally getting a completely dark mode. The update will roll out in the coming weeks. Maps was one of the last Google apps that did not yet have a dark theme.

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Google Maps is finally getting full dark mode

Soon you will finally be able to get started with Google Maps’ completely dark mode. The search giant will roll out this update in the coming weeks. Many users have been waiting for a dark theme for the maps app for years. This is much calmer for your eyes, especially at night. If your smartphone has an OLED screen, you also save some battery juice. Dark pixels use less power on such displays.

Google Maps could already be used partly with a dark theme, but only during navigation. Soon the entire app will participate. The search bar and suggestions at the top color light gray, while the map itself gets a darker shade.

Google maps dark mode

If the dark theme is available to you, you will be notified when you open Google Maps. You can then choose from three options: a dark mode, a light mode or a mode that adapts to the rest of your phone. For example, if you have set you to use a light theme during the day and a dark mode at night, Maps will match these preferences. Of course you can always choose a different theme later.

The dark mode for Google Maps is yet another update in a short time for the famous maps app. Recently, Google already added split screen to Street View in Maps. As a result, you have the map and the street view on your screen at the same time while navigating.

Last year, Google Maps already added markers to Street View. This makes it easier to recognize cafes, shops and companies. The maps in Google Maps are also getting more and more details. This is useful if, for example, you are going for a walk and want to know how dense the forest is in a nature reserve.

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