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The Samsung S21 series consists of three top devices and they will be in Dutch stores from January 29. Now the Galaxy S21 has been completely screwed apart and that was pretty easy.

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Teardown Samsung Galaxy S21:

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the ‘entry-level model’ of the series, but still a very powerful smartphone. Via the YouTube channel PBKReviews there is now a so-called teardown appeared, in which the device was taken apart. Matter of taking out the SIM card tray, heatgun take it and heat the back so that the used glue loosens. The S21 has a back of high-quality plastic and not of glass, like the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

There are some graphite images to help dissipate and dissipate the heat. 22 screws have to be loosened, after which a large graphite cover plate is removed from the device. It also contains the coil, which is used to charge the S21 wirelessly. Then various cables are disconnected, including those for the battery and for 5G.

The inside is very similar to that of its predecessor, the Samsung S20, but there are some minor differences. For example, the new model has two 5G antennas on board, the S20 only had one. Various parts can be easily removed from the device. Think of the speaker modules, the motherboard, the camera module and the board on which, among other things, the USB-C port is mounted.

The screen is not removed, but according to the YouTuber it should be fairly easy. It is of course always important to be careful with the glue, heat and fragility of the glass. Finally, the well-glued battery is also taken out, for which another one heatgun needed to heat it up.

Repairability Samsung S21: final mark 7.5

PBKReviews gives the Galaxy S21 a 7.5 score for repairability. The back is easy to remove and that also applies to almost all parts, except the battery. For now we have to wait for the score of the website iFixit, who also always does elaborate teardowns. For example, they previously disassembled the S20 Ultra of the previous generation, but that device only scored a 3.

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