Do you use Android Auto? Cast your vote in our poll

Do you use Android Auto? Or will you leave Google’s platform on the handbrake while on the road? Let us know what you think of Android Auto by casting your vote in this poll.

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Android Auto poll: do you use it?

Android Auto is extremely popular in the Netherlands. Android Planet is therefore paying extra attention to the operating system behind the wheel in February. The editors have plenty of article ideas available, but we are also very curious about your experiences.

Do you use Android Auto? Why not)? For example, you can also use the built-in system of your car manufacturer or switch to Apple CarPlay, although you need an iPhone for the latter option. Let us know via the poll below:

Can’t see the poll? Then cast your vote via this link!

Monthly Theme: Android Auto

The entire month of February, Android Planet is all about Android Auto. We will of course pay attention to the basics: how do you actually get Android Auto to work? Google has confirmed that the operating system is coming to the Netherlands, but it is not that far yet.

People with an Android smartphone with version 9.0 or lower must therefore manually download and install the Android Auto app. Do you have a device with Android 10 (or Android 11)? Then the app is installed on your smartphone by default. Getting Android Auto to work is then a matter of connecting your smartphone to your car.

In addition to starting up, we also pay attention this month to the best apps for Android Auto, for example. We also look ahead to which apps you can expect. In the navigation area, for example, there are some cool things in the starting blocks. Furthermore, this month we take a careful look at Android Automotive, the ‘successor’ of Android Auto.

What do you want to know more about?

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