Don’t be so squeamish and difficult about OnlyFans

Despite the free image of the Netherlands, we can be quite squeamish. Don’t be too difficult about OnlyFans.

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Squeamish about OnlyFans

Something that almost everyone does on their smartphone at some point, but we never talk about is watching porn. In whatever form. That is of course understandable, because what kind of porn you watch is very personal. Yet there is still a culture of shame surrounding this content.

That’s too bad. Partly because porn and technology are inextricably linked. For example, porn made cable television, the videotape, streaming video, and online payments big. Porn made internet connections faster, including for smartphones.

The demand for porn was so great that it had to innovate to meet it. The fact that you now talk to your colleagues so easily every day via Zoom is partly because people wanted to see live porn via webcams.

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The mature industry will no longer be the source of technological innovation at this high rate. The above technologies were mainly developed to make porn more accessible and now we all have a smartphone with an incognito browser in our hand. It couldn’t be more accessible.

But of course the industry continues to innovate. Now the trick is no longer to make people watch, but to make them pay. Everyone is used to seeing everything for free when they want. The most important development in this area is OnlyFans.

On OnlyFans you can subscribe yourself for a monthly fee to specific people, who make (mostly) sexy content. Although there are also OnlyFans for athletes, musicians or chefs. OnlyFans now has 85 million users with more than a million people creating content. For many people it is a nice way to earn some extra money.


Last week OnlyFans was in the news in the Netherlands because actor Ferry Doedens uses the platform to earn tens of thousands of euros per month. There was dismay on television and social media, because it would be disgusting that Doedens sells his body. The actor’s images have been leaked online by someone and Doedens is blamed for not posting those photos and videos online.

These are probably the same people who, as soon as nude photos of girls leak after sexting, don’t criticize the hot or hacker, but fire at the girl for taking nude photos at all.

When did the Netherlands become so squeamish? This shame about sexuality causes many problems. That is why e-mails from ‘hackers’ who claim that they have webcam images of you are so successful. Let’s not be too difficult about it. Especially not about the safe OnlyFans, where the creators at least always have control themselves.

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