February’s monthly theme is Android Auto

February on Android Planet is all about our Android Auto monthly theme. What exactly is that and how do you get it working? We also literally go for background stories and, of course, do not skip Android Automotive.

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February Monthly Theme: Android Auto

Android Auto

Also in 2021 we dive deeper into a specific topic or theme at Android Planet every month. The month of February is all about Android in the car and that can come in all kinds of forms. The monthly theme is Android Auto, but we will also discuss the much more extensive Android Automotive, which can only be found on a single model in the Netherlands.

In addition to all kinds of useful tips about Android Auto, you can also expect background articles and reviews. How has the software evolved in recent years, how does it work in 2021 and what would we like to see in the future in terms of functions?

Naturally, we will be hitting the road with various vehicles with Android Auto and Automotive OS on board and this month we will focus extra on videos about those vehicles and the software. We will take a closer look at Android Auto on board a Toyota and we will make our first kilometers in a Polestar 2.

Polestar 2

In addition, you also have a chance to win a great prize in February, but we cannot give further details about that yet. All in all, it is time to drive a lot of kilometers and you will read all kinds of news about Android in the car and on the road all month long!

Do you have questions about Android Auto?

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