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Officially, Android Auto is still not available in the Netherlands. However, that does not alter the fact that there are already many users of the special software for the car. But how does Android Auto actually work and what does the future look like? We will tell you all about it.

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Android Auto review 2021: on the road again

Android for in the car to be able to navigate, play music, make calls and to receive and send messages? Then we are of course talking about Android Auto, the software specially developed by Google to use on the go.

This makes your car a lot smarter and more usable, with safety being of paramount importance. Android Auto has been around for years and the Android Planet editors use it regularly. So it was time to write down our experiences and in this Android Auto 2021 review you can read all about it.

Android Auto review 2021

What do you need for Android Auto?

To be able to use Android Auto you need three things, starting with a car that has support for this. Not every car has this on board as standard. In general, cars that came on the market from 2015 can handle the Google software.

Android Auto review 2021

For example, we have been on the road with two models of Toyota with Android Auto support, such as the Yaris or Rav4 Business Edition, but I also regularly drive cars from other brands with support for Android Auto. Do you want to know if your car can handle this? Take a look at the special website of Google or check this at your car dealer.

The great thing about Android Auto is that it can also be added to your current car later. For this you can go to manufacturers such as Pioneer, JVC and Sony, who offer aftermarket systems that you can install or have installed.

You also need a smartphone with the Android Auto app installed. If you run Android 10 or Android 11 on your device, the app is automatically embedded. If you are still using an older Android version, you will have to get started manually.

Downloading from the Play Store on a device with Android 9.0 (Pie) or lower is not possible, simply because it has to wait until the app officially appears here.

Android Auto - Google Maps, Media & Messaging

Android Auto – Google Maps, Media & Messaging

Google LLC

Android Auto review 2021

Finally, you need a good USB cable to connect the phone to the system. Some cars also already support Android Auto Wireless, the wireless variant, but these can still be counted on one hand.

Have you checked and completed the above steps? Then it’s time to use and discover Android Auto. Just connect your smartphone to the car’s infotainment system and you can get started right away with all the options.

How exactly does Android Auto work?

Android Auto should be seen as a simplified version of Android on your smartphone, where the changed interface immediately stands out. The app icons are large and all control buttons look large. This makes it easier to operate, and it also has to do with Google’s rules for developers.

Android Auto review 2021

No fiddling or small print, but a simple interface that you immediately understand how it works. What’s nice is that you can now adjust the home screen yourself in terms of shortcuts. If you always use an app when you get into the car, you pin it somewhere pontifically on the screen. If there are apps that you never use, you don’t even show them. Unfortunately it is not yet possible to change the background.

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