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The Samsung Galaxy S21 has been presented and the pre-order has also started. The smartphones will only be in the shops from January 29. If you place an order now, you will receive a free set of Galaxy Buds earbuds and the Galaxy SmartTag.

Everything about the Samsung Galaxy S21 pre-order at a glance

Samsung Galaxy S21 pre-order

There is a pre-order promotion for each of the three S21 devices. With the normal Samsung S21 and S21 Plus you will receive a set of Galaxy Buds Live and a Galaxy SmartTag with a total value of 169 euros.

If you order the S21 Ultra, you will receive the Galaxy Buds Pro and the SmartTag, also presented. That set has a value of 259 euros.

Galaxy S21 pre-order: that’s how it works

The S21 is the ‘entry-level model’, but make no mistake. This smartphone offers a combination of powerful hardware and useful functions. The screen is 6.2 inches and you will find three cameras on the back. The frontcam is placed in a small hole in the AMOLED screen. The device is equipped with a new processor from our own stable and a large amount of storage and working memory.

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21

Which Samsung Galaxy S21 do you want?

Need a SIM only?

The suggested retail price of a separate Samsung Galaxy S21 is 849 euros. That price is for the model with 128GB of internal storage. This makes the suggested retail price five tens lower than the entry-level price of the Galaxy S20 from the previous round. However, that was also the model with a 4G modem, where the S21 is only released in 5G version. Also check our price comparison if you are looking for the Samsung S21 with a subscription.

Galaxy S21 Plus: bigger screen and higher battery capacity

The second model in the series is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. It often shares the same specifications as the entry-level model. However, the screen is a lot bigger with a diagonal of 6.7 inches. The battery also has a higher capacity than the normal S21. As with that model, the internal memory is not expandable and the device runs on Android 11 with its own One UI shell that is over it.

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

View the price comparison, this is how you score the best Samsung S21 Plus deal.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Which Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus do you want?

Need a SIM only?

A separate Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus costs 1049 euros and that is therefore a lot more robust than the entry-level model. Compared to its direct predecessor, the entry price has also decreased by 50 euros. Of course it is also possible to combine the Samsung S21 Plus with a subscription.

Galaxy S21 Ultra: the biggest, best and most pricey

Looking for the best of the best? Then the choice is easy and you can look at the Samsung S21 Ultra. That version has the largest screen of the three and also has the highest resolution. This ensures that the screen looks even slicker in practice. The refresh rate is the same with 120Hz as the other two models.

There is support on board for the S-Pen and you will also find an extra camera on the back. This allows you to shoot images of up to 108 megapixels. You can also use more optical zoom to take even better pictures. The suggested retail price for all this beauty is the highest of the trio: 1249 euros.

Of course you can purchase a separate Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, but also combine the S21 Ultra with a subscription. Do you buy the device separately? Check out our sim-only comparator, where you will find the best prices for a subscription that suits you exactly.

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Which Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra do you want?

Need a SIM only?

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