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The Galaxy S21 is Samsung’s first flagship of 2021 and it has become a bit cheaper. But in which areas do you compromise and what are the main advantages and disadvantages? We’ll tell you in our Galaxy S21 video review.

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This is our Samsung Galaxy S21 video review

With a suggested retail price of 849 euros, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is a bit cheaper than its predecessor, which sold over the counter for 999 euros. Samsung had to make a number of concessions to bring the price down. For example, the back is no longer made of luxury glass, but of plastic. The screen resolution is also lower and you can no longer expand the storage space.

On the one hand, this is a bit of a shame, but on the other, it is exactly the right areas that Samsung has saved on. The Galaxy S21 is an excellent device that is very nice and fast to use, receives updates for a long time and has good cameras. The new design is also appreciated, as is the smooth 120Hz screen.

In our video review of the Samsung Galaxy S21, we discuss all the features of the new flagship and tell you whether you should buy the phone. Did you like the video? Like the video and subscribe to the Android Planet YouTube channel. Next week we will come with the video review of the more expensive Galaxy S21 Ultra, so keep an eye on it!

Also check the written review

Do you want to know more about the successor to the Galaxy S20? Then also check our written Samsung Galaxy S21 review, in which we go deeper into all features and innovations. There you can also read everything about the cameras, battery life and the omission of the charger in the S21 series. You can see the conclusion of the review below.

The Galaxy S21 has a suggested retail price of 849 euros, which is a lot cheaper than the Galaxy S20, where you had to pay 999 euros for the version with 5G. In order to achieve that lower price, Samsung has made a number of concessions that fortunately do not detract from the quality of the S21. The plastic housing doesn’t even feel like plastic and you will hardly notice the lower resolution.

The performance is also excellent, the screen looks very good and the battery life is fine. We are also pleased with the software: the Galaxy S21 is nice to use and receives updates for a long time. We can’t say that about every high-end Android phone.

Apart from the new design and the modest camera improvements, not much has changed, but that is not bad at all. The Galaxy S21 is a great flagship that you can use for years to come and for which you do not have to pay the absolute top price. If you now have the S20, then there is not necessarily a reason to switch. If you are using a Galaxy S10 (or older), the upgrade is definitely worth it.

Samsung Galaxy S21 release in the Netherlands

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is from tomorrow (January 29) officially for sale in the Netherlands. A separate Galaxy S21 costs 849 euros, but you can of course also get it in combination with a subscription. The larger (and more expensive) Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra will also be in the Dutch stores.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21

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