Google and Ford will join forces from 2023

In two years, Android will become the operating system for many of Ford’s new cars. As a result, the cars are standard equipped with Google apps and services, Ford and Google announce.

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Ford Google partnership for Android Automotive

Ford says that from 2023 millions of cars will be equipped with Android, giving drivers standard access to all kinds of Google apps and services. For example, in a press release, Ford mentions the Google Assistant to perform actions in the car via voice commands. Google Maps is integrated as the main navigation service by default and apps are easy to download due to the presence of Google Play.

ford android automotive

It is important to know that Ford cars will not be equipped with Android Auto, but will soon run on Android Automotive. This is a full-fledged car operating system that runs on the car itself. For Android Auto, which you can currently use in many cars, you need a smartphone. Android Automotive, on the other hand, is fully integrated into the car and therefore also linked to all kinds of car sensors.

It is still unclear on which Ford cars the Android Automotive operating system will run exactly. The company does say that new functions and options will be added to cars via over-the-air updates.

Successor to Android Auto

Android Automotive is the ‘successor’ of Android Auto and can currently be found in few cars. The Polestar 2, an electric car from Polestar (part of Volvo) already runs on the new operating system. Automotive is specifically made for cars, while with Android Auto you depend on your smartphone. After all, you have to connect it to your car, with a USB cable or wirelessly via WiFi.

Not long ago, Google announced that Android Auto will be officially released in the Netherlands. However, you could use the service for much longer here via a detour. Since Android 10, which was released in September 2019, Android Auto has been built into the operating system by default. If you have a phone with an older Android version, you can download and use a separate Android Auto app.

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