Google Assistant not working? 4 possible solutions

Do you want to activate the Google Assistant, but it doesn’t work? Or does the digital assistant suddenly not respond? Then give these solutions a try to get the Google Assistant working again!

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Video: The Google Assistant is not working

You’ve probably used the Google Assistant, the clever helper that can find information for you, control your Nest devices, and set alarms for you. But of course, the Assistant may not cooperate or not listen to your voice commands at all. Then it’s good to give the tips in our latest video a try: there is a good chance that the Google Assistant will function properly again.

For example, it is smart to first restart your Android device, but it may also be that the Assistant does not work because you have not set the correct language. In the video we tell you exactly what to do and what to pay attention to. Looking for more information? Check out our written tip below.

→ Your Google Assistant is not working? This way you get the voice assistant working again

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