Google Chrome not working? Surf further quickly with these 6 solutions

Google Chrome not working? That is of course annoying, but there is a good chance that you can easily solve the problem yourself. Android Planet will help you on your way with these six practical tips.

Google Chrome not working: 6 solutions

In general, Google Chrome works fine, but every now and then you will encounter crashes. Usually nothing serious is going on, but you do need to know how to fix it. Is Google Chrome not working for a while? Then try the tips below first.

1. Update to the latest version

It’s quite an open door, but it works surprisingly often. Always make sure you are using the most recent version of Chrome. Google is rolling out updates continuously, including stability improvements. Before you get into all kinds of difficult solutions, it’s a good idea to update Chrome to the most recent version.

→ Download Google Chrome from the Play Store (free)

2. Close other tabs and apps

Chrome Still Freezes? Then you may have too many tabs open. In short, the more tabs you actively use, the greater the chance of crashes. Especially when you use a device with relatively slow hardware, such as an Android Go smartphone, you quickly run into the limitations of the system.

Therefore, try to close the tabs. To do this, tap the icon in the top right-hand corner showing the current number of windows. Then swipe the tabs away or tap the cross in the top right. Never try to actively use more than a few tabs.

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3. Clear the cache

Do you see a gray area when opening a website? Or does a site ‘hang’, so that no new information appears on it? There may be something wrong with the cache memory. This is a form of temporary storage that can sometimes cause problems. Here’s how to clear the cache of Google Chrome on Android:

  1. Open the Chrome app on your smartphone;
  2. Tap the three dots at the top right and choose ‘Settings’;
  3. Select ‘Privacy’ and tap on ‘Clear browsing data’;
  4. Choose ‘All’ next to ‘Period’ and select ‘Cookies and site data’ and ‘Cached images and files’;
  5. Uncheck the other items;
  6. Tap ‘Clear data’ and confirm your choice.
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4. Reboot

“Have you already pulled the plug?” It is a famous cliché in the IT world, but it is appropriate. Starting over with a clean slate often works surprisingly well. If you want to restore Chrome, it is therefore wise to restart your entire Android smartphone.

5. Switch to mobile internet

Do you only run into problems when you use WiFi? Then there may be something wrong with your home connection. To rule out where the problem lies, it is best to switch to mobile internet if possible. Do you also have problems with other devices? Then restart your modem / router.

6. Google the error code

Do you get a special error code when Chrome crashes? Then don’t panic. This is actually very nice, because you now know where to start. Paste the error code into Chrome’s search box (on another device if necessary) and hit enter. Hopefully you will end up on a forum where someone has run into the exact same problem.

You can also take a look around the official Chrome forum. Here, avid Chrome users help each other with problems. You can post messages yourself, after which others try to help you. Always be as specific as possible when describing your Chrome error.

Is it really not possible? Then there is nothing else to do than contact the makers of Chrome: Google. You can speak to an employee via chat and e-mail. It may take up to three days to receive a written response. You do need to be a Google One member for this. This costs money.

Contact Google

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