Google Fit will soon be able to measure your heart rate and count breaths

The Google Fit app will soon be able to measure your heart rate and count your breaths. These features will come to Pixel phones first, but will be available on other Android devices in the future.

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You can soon measure your heart rate with Google Fit

Starting next month, Pixel phone owners will be able to measure their heart rate with Google Fit. They have to press their finger on the camera on the back. Google tracks subtle changes in the color of a finger to determine the heart rate. The result is known after about 30 seconds. Google advises users to rest for a few minutes before testing.

Google Fit will also be able to count how many times you breathe per minute. Users must place their smartphone on a stable surface and sit in front of the front camera. They are then instructed to breathe normally for 30 seconds. Google Fit looks at the rise and fall of your chest to count breaths.

The results of both measurements can be saved in Google Fit. This will give you a good idea of ​​how your heart rate or breathing develops in the short and long term.

Measurements are not suitable for medical purposes

Google warns that the measurements you take with Google Fit are not suitable for medical purposes. They are not accurate enough to diagnose or prevent a condition. You should therefore see these features as a way to keep an eye on your health globally. If you want to measure your heart rate more accurately, you need a fitness cracker like the Fitbit Charge 4.

The Google Fit update will roll out in March for Pixel phone owners. Owners of other Android smartphones can also use the new functions at a later date.

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