‘Google is working on its own privacy labels for the Play Store’

Shortly after the introduction of privacy labels in Apple’s App Store, Google is also working on a similar tool for privacy-conscious users. It is not yet known when we can expect the new function.

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‘Google investigates implementation of Play Store privacy labels’

Google is in the process of implementing privacy labels in the Play Store, according to a report from Bloomberg. With these labels, the company provides privacy-conscious consumers with more information. However, the source notes that Google wants to accommodate both consumers and developers. So there is a good chance that the company will have a less strict privacy policy than Apple.

It is not yet known how far Google’s investigation into privacy labels in the Play Store is. Bloomberg’s report states that Google is “investigating” and “discussing” the possible changes, so it may be a while before we see the labels in the Play Store.

Google privacy labels Play Store

Privacy labels in App Store

The introduction of privacy labels in the App Store makes it clear to users at a glance which data is used to track you, which data is linked and which data is not linked, but is collected.

However, it is still unclear to what extent the labels protect users. There is a good chance that people, just as with cookie notifications and general terms and conditions, will accept the consequences and continue. In addition, an investigation by the Washington Post showed that a third of the privacy labels in the App Store are incorrect.

Google and the road to more privacy

Google and privacy: it remains a much discussed combination. The company is increasingly working towards a privacy-aware image. Changes are made through various updates. For example, it is now possible to determine per website which extension is given access. Google has also tightened up privacy with the arrival of Android 11. For example, it is possible to give apps one-time permission, for example for access to your camera, location or microphone.

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