Google Maps adds split screen to Street View: that’s how it works

Google Maps for Android has a handy feature: you can now use Street View in split screen, so that you keep the map in view at the same time. This makes navigation a lot easier. We show you how it works.

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Street View Google Maps can now be used in split screen

Street View is a very useful feature in Google Maps, but it was always quite annoying that you couldn’t get the street view in view at the same time as the map. Fortunately, that has now changed. Google Maps has a split screen after a recent update. As a result, you get to see the map and Street View at the same time. That navigates a lot easier. That is how it works.

  1. Open Google Maps;
  2. Place a pin on the street you want to view;
  3. Tap the ‘Street View’ square with the rotating arrow
  4. Street View now opens at the top, while you see the map with your position at the bottom. The arrow indicates in which direction you are walking.

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