Google Maps in Dutch, while the device is in another language

By default, Google Maps is set in the language in which you use your phone. From now on it is also possible to set this differently. For example, you use your phone in English, but the navigation app in Dutch anyway. You can read how that works here.

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Google Maps Dutch, device different language

Lie you roots (half) abroad, are you learning a language or do you think English is a better language to use on a smartphone? Most apps on the device take over that setting, provided they have support for that language of course.

For example, the Play Store, LinkedIn or Instagram can be used completely in English, but banking apps are (probably) not. This is the same with Google Maps, which adopts the language of your device by default. However, after a recent update, you can set this independently. This means that the menus and settings also change in terms of language. If your device is already in Dutch, you can also set Maps in English or another language.

Set up Google Maps in a different language? Use the steps below:

  1. Open Google Maps;
  2. Tap your avatar at the top right;
  3. Choose ‘Settings’;
  4. Tap on the ‘App language’ option;
  5. Set the desired language.

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