Google Maps update for Android Automotive: Navigate better

Do you have an electric car and do you navigate with Google Maps? An update to Google’s navigation app makes it easier to plan long journeys by taking into account the charging times of multiple charging stations.

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Google Maps update for Android Automotive

The new version is rolling out to cars that have the Google Maps app built in, such as the Polestar 2 and XC40 from Volvo. The biggest addition is that the navigation app now takes into account the charging times of charging stations on the road. The function is especially useful when you have a hefty ride ahead.

Google uses algorithms in combination with artificial intelligence to calculate where and when you can top up on the go. In some situations, for example, it is more efficient not to fully charge the battery of your car, but for example only to half the charge. You can reach the other charging station within the range of your half-full battery.

Select favorite charging station

Maps automatically makes suggestions while planning a route. Of course you can make changes here. For example, it is possible to designate a favorite charging station, where they have, for example, nice facilities and / or fast charging times. Google Maps then takes your preferences into account.

Finally, Google Maps will show how you can pay at charging stations in twelve European countries. Unfortunately, it is not stated whether the Netherlands belongs to this group. The update for Google Maps is rolling out immediately for cars with the built-in version of the navigation app.

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