Google will no longer make its own Stadia games and will close studio

Google announces that it will no longer make its own Stadia games and is therefore closing its game studio. The company wants to focus more on the underlying technology of the ‘streaming service’.

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Google Stadia Games and Entertainment is shutting down

Google is pulling the plug from its own development studio (Stadia Games and Entertainment) that was set up for the streaming service. This stops the development of own Stadia games, although the titles that would appear in the short term will still be released. In the future, Google will focus more on collaborating with other developers and publishers for new games.

Google Stadia

The company says in a blog post that Google Stadia will certainly not disappear. You can still use Stadia and Stadia Pro and Google promises that new games will be released for the platform. The employees of Google Stadia Games and Entertainment will change positions within the company, but top woman Jade Raymond is leaving Google. She previously worked for major game publishers such as EA and Ubisoft.

You can do this with Google Stadia

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service. So you don’t install games on your device, but stream them. The advantage of this is that, according to Google, you can game on any device with a Chrome browser. You have to purchase games separately: Google Stadia is therefore not ‘Netflix for games’.

There are two versions of Stadia: a free and paid account. With a paid subscription you get a discount on the purchase of games. You can also stream games in a higher quality. Knowing more? Also check our Google Stadia review and the explanation about the Google Stadia app.

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