How to make a podcast playlist in Spotify: this is how you do it

It is possible to add podcasts and music to a Spotify playlist. You can of course also create a playlist with only episodes of your favorite series. This is how you create your own podcast playlist in Spotify.

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Create Spotify podcast playlist

Playlists are very popular. In addition to the playlists compiled by Spotify itself, no fewer than three billion playlists have been created by users. At first you could only add songs to a playlist, but now it is also possible to add episodes of podcasts. It’s as simple as creating a music playlist and here’s how:

  1. Open Spotify on your Android phone or tablet;
  2. Search for the podcast episode you want to add;
  3. Tap the three dots on the right and choose ‘Add to’;
  4. Choose an existing playlist, or create a new playlist;
  5. You are done.
Spotify podcast playlist create screens

You can also change the order of the playlist by tapping and moving the episodes or songs. Do you also listen to Spotify on your computer? For now, you can only add podcast episodes to a playlist on phone and tablet.

It is possible to add songs and podcast shows to the same playlist. This is useful, for example, when you have a long car journey ahead or an intercontinental flight. You can delete podcast episodes or music tracks by tapping the three dots in the playlist again. Now choose ‘Remove from this playlist’.

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Spotify and podcasts

Spotify once started as a music streaming service, but has increasingly focused on the podcast market since the takeover of Gimlet Media and Anchor. The Swedish music service now describes itself as an “audio company” and will make its own podcast shows, among other things.

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