Ignore that snooze button and get up later

Many swear by the snooze button, but you really shouldn’t. Just set that alarm later.

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You snooze, you lose

I used to always fear that I would miss the alarm clock. As a teenager I didn’t want to stand out too much, so being late for school was the last thing that needed to be done. That’s why I always set multiple alarms. Imagine if one wouldn’t work?

Then I had such a bulky, black, digital alarm clock with red numbers and an antenna wire that could wake you up to a cracking radio station. Provided the power had not failed, of course. We now all use our smartphones to wake up in the morning, but now that I no longer put my device in the bedroom, it is still difficult.

Fortunately, I hardly ever need an alarm clock, as I rarely have appointments in the morning and usually wake up early. But everyone has to get out extra early sometimes. Then the alarm in the hall goes off and I jump out of bed to stop the noise. A particularly efficient way to get out of bed quickly.

Wake-up light

My partner has a little more trouble getting up. If possible, he uses several alarm clocks on his smartphone and a wake-up light. And his favorite activity? Press the snooze button. I don’t remember ever using a snooze button in my life. Not on my smartphone and not on those bulky alarm clocks from the past.

I just don’t get the snooze button. Of course I understand that you prefer to lie a little longer in your warm, comfortable bed instead of having to go out into the cold, hard world. But in the end it doesn’t help you.

On Android, you even have to think a little more about it. Instead of quickly pressing a snooze button, you have to swipe completely. Although this will probably work differently with the alarm clocks from different manufacturers.

Sleep longer

First of all, you will not fail to fall into the deep sleep that you rest from. That doesn’t seem like a problem, but it is. Hours before you wake up, your body is already waking you up. Your temperature rises and the right chemicals are distributed. When you wake up and then go back to sleep for a short while, your body starts a new sleep cycle again and you not only wake up groggy, but that drowsiness lingers for hours.

If you keep hitting that snooze button every day, it will be more and more difficult to wake up because you are training your body. People who say they can’t start without coffee are probably ‘snooze button users’.

I therefore challenge every snooze button user to do it differently. Set your alarm a little later (apparently you can if you use the snooze button) and get out immediately after the alarm. Do you snooze? Then you lose.

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