Lost notification? This is how you check your notification history in Android 11

Did you accidentally delete a notification and do you want to get it back so you can still check it? Android 11 has a handy function that allows you to view the notification history.

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Notification history in Android 11: this is how it works

It’s annoying (and especially annoying) if you accidentally wipe a notification on your Android phone without reading it properly. If you still want to know what the notification was about, you can easily use the ‘Notification history’ function in the new Android 11.

This will give you an overview of all notifications you have received in the past 24 hours. You can then read back all notifications to see what you may have missed. You must first enable the Notification History feature on your device. That is how it works:

  1. Settings app

    Open the Settings app on your smartphone with Android 11;

  2. Apps and notifications

    Tap on ‘Apps and notifications’ and then select ‘Notifications’;

  3. Notification history

    Below the image, tap on ‘Notification history’, after which you can activate the function to view all received notifications.

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