‘Manufacturer introduces new camera functions with OnePlus 9 series’

It seems that OnePlus will soon be introducing several new camera options. Instructions for this can be found in the latest version of the camera app. Perhaps these features will be introduced with the OnePlus 9 range.

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‘OnePlus new camera functions in a row’

Thanks to an installation file of the OnePlus Camera app version 6.4.23, several camera features not yet introduced have come to light. That file is via a so-called apk-teardown viewed extensively by people from XDA Developers. Below we briefly explain the new possibilities.

Tilt-shift mode

Photographing in tilt-shift mode is a well-known technique, where you take pictures of the normal environment, which then appears to be greatly reduced. Everything in the photo therefore looks smaller than normal and it looks like you have taken photos in the miniature world of Madurodam. The bright minds of XDA have not yet gotten the function to work, but the screenshots below show how it works exactly.

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