Mocro Maffia, Bonding and Finding ‘Ohana

With so many different streaming services, the offer is overwhelming. In our weekly streaming tips, we recommend films, new albums and more in addition to series. In our movie tips from week 5 (2021): Mocro Maffia and Bonding.

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Film tips week 5 (2021): Mocro Maffia and Bonding

With a Chromecast in your television or a Chromecast Audio in your speaker, you can view and listen to media from your smartphone in better quality. That is useful, but then you have to know what to watch and listen to. That is why we offer the Android Planetmovie tips. Here we give some current listening and series tips, both for free and paid services.

1. Mocro Maffia season 3 (Videoland)

Season 3 of Mocro Maffia has started! Every Friday there is a new episode online on Videoland. The series is doing well, because the first new episode attracted thirty percent more viewers than the first episode of the second season. You will soon be able to watch seven episodes in total, about the war in the underworld of Amsterdam. Don’t forget to watch miniseries #Komtgoed, because it is in between the two seasons.



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2. Finding ‘Ohana (Netflix)

If you’re looking for a fun adventure movie for the whole family, then the Netflix movie Finding ‘Ohana is the place to be. In this movie, you follow a young geocacher who goes to Hawaii to visit her grandfather who recently had a heart attack. There it appears that grandpa can no longer pay the bills for his house. Fortunately, there is a solution: a hidden treasure deep in the caves of Hawaii.


3. The Great Escapists (Prime Video)

Richard Hammond (known from Top Gear / The Grand Tour) and Tory Belleci (known from Mythbusters) end up on an uninhabited island. During an interview with detectives afterwards, the duo talk about the different adventures they have had on the island. Naturally, all kinds of cars, boats, tanks and more have been built. The problem is not water or food, but that the duo gets bored very quickly.

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Amazon Prime Video

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4. Bonding season 2 (Netflix)

The hilarious series Bonding is back. This show is about a dominatrix in training and her best friend who wants to become a stand-up comedian and immerse herself in the world of bdsm for inspiration. This season, the pair have to start from the bottom up again and their relationships only get more complicated. Unfortunately the episodes are way too short again, so the series is over in no time.


5. Marc-Marie & Aaf Vinden Something (podcast)

Marc-Marie Huijbregts and Aaf Brandt Corstius have an opinion on everything. They consider themselves so important that others need to hear that opinion. That is why there is now the podcast Marc-Marie & Aaf Vinden Iets. In it, the duo reviews things like ‘sleeping’, ‘Willem-Alexander’ or ‘Long Live Love’. That may sound silly, but it is actually very funny. The episodes are also on YouTube with video:

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