Monthly theme for January 2021: New Year’s resolutions and health

It is January and with so many sitting at home and holidays full of delicious meals, it is time for good intentions again. This is central to this throughout the month Android Planet! This way everyone can make a good start and start the year fresh and healthy!

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Monthly theme January: good intentions and health

One more time then: best wishes for 2021! And now quickly continue working on our good intentions and health, which are often mentioned in the same breath. This year we will of course continue as you are used to from us with news, tips, background articles and reviews, but there is also a theme every month.

In January 2021 that will be: health and good intentions. Throughout the month you can expect all kinds of useful tips, backgrounds and more. We also list the best wearables and other equipment for you to keep a close eye on your health. We also go deeper into useful apps to, for example, keep track of your sleep, check how much water you drink or how many steps you have taken.


We already wrote this about good intentions and health:

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Health and good intentions often go hand in hand with exercise, sports, plenty of rest and good food. Do you have an idea for an article, background or a frequently used app that fits well with this theme?

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