more smartphones no longer get a charger in the box

It seems that Samsung will deliver more smartphones without a charger and earplugs in the future. With the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra, the manufacturer already omits these accessories from the box.

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Samsung charger disappears with more devices

On a Q&A page of the Samsung website, CEO TM Roh said that the company plans to phase out the charger and earplugs from the packaging of smartphones. This indicates that upcoming devices will also be delivered without these accessories. With the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra, the charger and earplugs are missing in the box and you only get a USB-C cable.

As a result, you have to provide a charger yourself, for example one that you still have from your previous smartphone. According to Samsung, many Galaxy users choose to use their old charger and earbuds and leave the accessories in the box with their new smartphone. By no longer including the charger, the company also contributes to a better environment.

It is unclear with which future Samsung smartphones the charger will disappear even more. The company may choose to delete the adapter from upcoming Galaxy S and Note devices. With cheaper phones in, for example, the Galaxy A and M series, the company can then choose to put an adapter in the box. As soon as more is known about this, you will of course read it Android Planet.

Galaxy S21 devices

As mentioned, the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra are the first devices from the manufacturer to be delivered without a charger. The smartphones will be in Dutch stores on January 29 and can already be pre-ordered. For the S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra, you pay 849, 1049 and 1249 euros respectively, making the phones cheaper than their predecessors.

The Galaxy S21 series introduces a new design, with a camera island that extends from the edge into the housing. The smartphones also have a flatter screen and the regular S21 has a plastic back. The Plus and Ultra, on the other hand, are made of glass. The smartphones also have powerful hardware, a faster fingerprint scanner and improved cameras.

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