Motorola Moto Edge S gets a fast processor

According to rumors, Motorola is working on a new high-end device. It would be a smartphone with, among other things, a powerful processor and a screen with a high refresh rate.

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Motorola Edge S: “Processor in the 800 series”

Motorola Edge S teaser

Last week, the manufacturer released a teaser for the Motorola Edge S, which stated that it would contain a ‘Snapdragon 8xx chip’. Whether it would be the new Snapdragon 888 or a slightly older chip, however, was the question.

The Chinese smartphone clock Digital Chat Station has now announced that it is a processor that has not yet been introduced. Earlier he already announced that Qualcomm, manufacturer of smartphone chips, is working on a ‘lite version’ of the Snapdragon 888. He does not yet mention further details about the name, architecture of that chip or the name.

Screen that refreshes up to 105 times per second

Earlier it was also mentioned that the refresh rate of the device is 105Hz. That means that the screen in that mode refreshes a maximum of 105 times per second. The higher that number, the smoother the device feels when scrolling through websites, social media or playing optimized games.

A standard screen of a smartphone refreshes 60 times per second. Manufacturers are now much more often releasing devices with a higher refresh rate. For instance, devices with a 90Hz, 120Hz or even 144Hz display are becoming more widely available.

Other Motorola Edge devices

With the upcoming Edge S, the manufacturer is releasing a new device in the Edge series. We already know the normal Motorola Edge and Edge Plus. You can read all about the normal version in our Motorola Edge review or watch the video review below.

The Motorola Edge Plus is not officially released in the Netherlands, but is available via gray import. When we will see the Edge S and in which countries Motorola will release the device exactly, is still the question.

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