Motorola Moto G30 vs Moto G9 phones: the budget devices compared

The Motorola Moto G30 is the official successor to last year’s Moto G9 phones, but exactly what improvements have been made and what are the main differences? Time for a comparison.

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Motorola Moto G30 vs Moto G9 phones

The Moto G30 is Motorola’s latest budget smartphone, which can be purchased in the Netherlands from April for 179 euros. The smartphone will be released after last year’s Moto G9 Play, Moto G9 Power and G9 Plus, and as these phones are still widely available, you may be unsure which one to buy. That is why we discuss the main differences between the Moto G30 and Moto G9 devices in this article. Read on soon!

1. 90Hz screen is much smoother

The main innovation of the Motorola Moto G30 is the 90Hz screen. This means that the display is refreshed 90 times per second and that makes animations much smoother. This makes the smartphone feel faster, especially when you compare it with the Moto G9 Play and Moto G9 Power. These devices have a standard 60Hz screen. The Moto G9 Plus also has this, but a faster processor (more about that later).

motorola moto g30 official
The Motorola Moto G30.

The screen of the Moto G30 measures 6.5 inches, making it the same size as that of the Moto G9 Play. The resolution of 1600 by 720 pixels is also the same and both phones have a small notch at the top for the selfie camera. The Moto G9 Plus and G9 Power have a larger 6.8-inch screen with a camera hole, which looks more modern. It is important that the Plus version has a sharp Full HD resolution, in contrast to the HD display of the Power.

2. Hardware

The new Moto G30 has a Snapdragon 662 processor, which is also in the Moto G9 Play and G9 Power. The amount of RAM (4GB) is also the same, although the G30 has the advantage of standard 128GB storage space. Only the G9 Play has ‘only’ 64GB of storage. With the Moto G30 and all G9 phones, you can increase the storage capacity with a micro-SD memory card, which is a nice option.

motorola moto g9 plus review
The screen of the Moto G9 Plus.

The Moto G9 Plus is the fastest smartphone of the foursome. This phone has a smooth Snapdragon 730G processor, which makes it run apps and games a bit smoother, although the Snapdragon 662 is certainly not a slow chip. All devices have a good fingerprint scanner, but only with the Moto G9 Plus it is on the side, in the on / off button. The scanner is on the back of the G30, G9 Play and G9 Power.

3. Runs out of the box on Android 11

If you get the Moto G30 at home, you immediately have the latest Android software at your disposal. The smartphone runs on Android 11, while the G9 phones do with Android 10 and are still waiting for version 11 of the mobile operating system. This is a major plus of the Moto G30 compared to its predecessors.

motorola moto g9 power review
Android 10 on the Moto G9 Power.

In addition, the Motorola Moto G30 will be supported for longer and will also receive an update to Android 12. Android 11 is the only major Android update for the Moto G9 phones. Finally, the Moto G30 will be updated longer than its predecessors: security patches will be released until early 2023, while support for the Moto G9 phones will end in the last months of 2022.

4. Four cameras on the back

In terms of cameras, the Moto G30 and Moto G9 Plus are the best to compare. The smartphones both have a main camera with a high resolution of 64 megapixels. In addition, there is a handy 8 megapixel wide-angle lens, with which you can take wider photos. Furthermore, with the 2 megapixel macro camera you can take pictures from very close and the 2 megapixel depth sensor (for portrait photos) completes the picture.

motorola moto g9 plus review
The cameras of the Moto G9 Plus.

The cheaper Moto G9 Play and Moto G9 Power are more limited when it comes to the cameras. They both have a great main camera, but no wide-angle lens. The macro and depth camera are present, but simply do not add much. If you want the most camera options, it is best to go for the Moto G30 or Moto G9 Plus.

5. Battery life and charging

In ‘battery area’, the Moto G9 Power is the winner thanks to its gigantic 6000 mAh battery. This battery – combined with the economical processor and lower screen resolution – ensures that the phone can last for several days on a full charge. That does not mean that the battery life of the Moto G30, G9 Play and G9 Plus is not good. The devices all have a 5000 mAh battery, which is neat.

motorola moto g9 power review

Although we have not yet tested the Moto G30, we do expect the battery of this device to drain faster. This has to do with the 90Hz screen, which simply uses more energy. You can read how good the battery life actually is in the review of Android Planet, which we hope to publish as soon as possible.

Finally, the charging speed is also important and we can be brief about that: the Moto G9 Plus is the only one with a fast 30 Watt charger in the box, with which the phone is full again in a short time. The Moto G30, G9 Play and G9 Power have a 20 Watt charger and although that is certainly not bad, it takes longer to fully charge the devices.

Motorola Moto G30 prices and more

The Motorola Moto G30 will be in Dutch stores at the beginning of April with a suggested retail price of 179 euros. The Moto G9 Plus, Moto G9 Power and Moto G9 Play have been on sale for quite some time and differ slightly in price. Below we list the current prices.

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