Motorola rugged smartphone on the way thanks to cooperation with Bullit

Motorola is embracing the rugged smartphone, better known as the construction worker smartphone. Motorola will develop the devices in collaboration with Bullit Group, the manufacturer behind the Cat brand.

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Motorola rugged smartphones on the way

Motorola and Bullit Group are joining forces to develop new ruggedized smartphones, the companies have announced. The devices will appear with the Motorola brand name. More information about the first smartphones will follow later this quarter (ending March 31).

Motorola does not currently sell sturdy smartphones, but only regular models. Bullit Group has been specializing in rugged devices for years and sells them mainly through the Cat name. From Cat there are models from 199 euros to 649 euros.

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The latest model is the Cat S62 Pro. It has a thermal camera, is waterproof and can withstand a fall of up to 1.8 meters on a hard surface. The screen of the smartphone is extra sturdy and should therefore be less likely to scratch and crack. Rugged devices are also better to use with gloves and focus on ‘just good’ specifications in combination with a long battery life.

More sturdy smartphones

CAT is one of the best-known providers of rugged smartphones. Other brands are Ruggear, CrossCall and Samsung. Samsung’s Galaxy Xcover Pro appeared last year and it seems that it will soon get a successor in the form of the Galaxy Xcover 5.

Details of the first rugged smartphone from Motorola are still missing. It is therefore not clear whether the manufacturer is developing a budget, midrange or expensive sturdy phone. Incidentally, the company may soon also come with two ‘normal’ smartphones: the affordable Moto G10 and G30.

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