Netflix update brings sound improvement for Android app

Netflix has released an update for the Android app, which has significantly improved sound quality. If you have a device that runs on Android 9.0 Pie or higher, you can enjoy better audio.

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Netflix update sound improvement: xHE AAC codec

In an extensive post on the Netflix blog, you can read all the details about an app update for Android users. The secret to the improved sound quality is in the codec used of the app.

You should see such a codec as (in this case) a piece of software that is used to convert a media file to a file format that still has good quality, but is a lot smaller. As a result, the file takes up less storage space on a device or a stream with that codec can be viewed faster, because loading it is faster.

Better sound: three novelties in a row

The XHE AAC codec is now used with Android 9.0 (Pie) and newer and offers three major advantages. The first is that the audio is now ‘studio quality’. You will not only notice this improved sound quality with earplugs, but also through the speaker (s) of your smartphone.

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In addition, the problem of noisier environments has been adjusted. For example, a conversation in a series or film is often difficult to understand with a little more background noise in a scene. Thanks to the codec, this is a lot better, so you don’t have to adjust the volume as often while watching.

Furthermore, the codec also contains better ones Dynamic Range Control. In addition, the volume is more equal in scenes with a lot of background noise or conversations. In addition, the service says it continues to work on improving the consistency of the sound level between episodes and movies.

Also advantageous for use via mobile internet

Finally, the codec used always ensures good quality of the audio, regardless of the (mobile) internet connection. Are you on the road, on the bus or switching from WiFi to mobile data? This has no consequences for the audio quality.

A similar function has already been found in Netflix’s television apps for various platforms. With the release of iOS 13 in 2019, iPhones also already support the xHE AAC codec.

Have you noticed that the sound quality of Netflix has improved on your smartphone? What kind of content did that stand out and was it positive or negative? Let us know in the comments below!

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