‘New Samsung smartwatch no longer runs on Tizen, but Wear OS’

As of 2014, all Samsung Galaxy smartwatches run on Tizen, the software developed by the manufacturer itself. Here comes from the next model change, the well-known Twitterer reports Ice Universe.

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No more Tizen for the next Samsung smartwatch

The tweet doesn’t go into specific details, except that Samsung’s next smartwatch will no longer run on Tizen, but on Google’s Wear OS. When the watch is announced, it is not named.

The last smartwatch from Samsung that ran on Android was the Samsung Gear Live from 2014. The software on which the watch ran was called Android Wear at the time. The software developed by Google was specially made for smartwatches. Android Wear now has a new, fresh name: Wear OS.

Smartwatches with Wear OS connect seamlessly to any Android smartphone. Tizen, on which Samsung’s smart watches have been running for about six years now, works especially well in combination with Galaxy smartphones. According to rumors, this could be a reason for Samsung to return to Android again. In this way, Samsung offers users of a Galaxy Watch without a Samsung smartphone the best possible experience.

Samsung and Google will work more closely together

The fact that Tizen might make way for Wear OS is not a big surprise, since Samsung and Google have been working closely together recently. This is evident from the recently presented Samsung Galaxy S21 series. The Samsung SMS app has been exchanged for Google Messages on the devices. Samsung also gives users the option to set the Google Discover feed as the left home screen. This was not possible with the previous aircraft.

It has previously been rumored that Samsung would completely push aside some of its own services, such as the Bixby assistant, to make way for Google’s services. However, this has not yet happened.

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