Repairability is the sexiest smartphone feature

It doesn’t seem very sexy, but good repairability is one of the best features a new smartphone can have. This is why.

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Not the best camera, the fastest chip or a sleek screen with a high refresh rate are the coolest features of a new smartphone. The sexiest thing for me is good repairability.

Now that I own a house and am in a relationship with a vegetarian, I am much more aware of sustainability. When I was still renting, I had no influence on things like where the energy came from and what was the situation with insulation. I couldn’t even separate my organic waste.


I am now busy with a plan to get solar panels on my roof, I separate all my waste neatly, I drive an economical car and I hardly eat any meat. I also try to tackle small things now, such as replacing kitchen paper and plastic bags for reusable alternatives. Even the poop bags for my dog ​​are no longer made of plastic.

New devices

One day I want to drive electrically with the electricity that I will hopefully generate via solar panels. I want a worm bin to make compost from my organic waste and a vegetable garden for vegetables. All so that I contribute as little as possible to the deterioration of the climate.

But don’t worry that with goat wool socks and tea made from lukewarm rainwater I will now look at everyone with an oblique eye that they are not as sustainable as me. I still do enough wrong myself. Just look at the amount of packages that are delivered and come from different countries. A few shirts from the United States and a nice print from England are cheap and super easy to order, but that is of course not very good for the environment.

One of the biggest problems for us smartphone enthusiasts, who probably also like gadgets in general, is that we often get new devices. Not only because we want the latest in the latest, but also because things break and are difficult to fix.


That is annoying with various Apple products, for example. If something breaks and you no longer have a warranty, it often makes more sense to buy a whole new device because of the bizarre repair costs. This while the company is struggling with what it does for the environment. The new Samsung Galaxy S21 is now in the news due to its relatively easy repairability.

Android is positive in this area anyway. You can often just fix things yourself, such as a battery that no longer works properly, or a button that no longer works properly. Even screens can sometimes be replaced yourself.

Of course we have smartphones from Fairphone, for example, which you can buy if you want a truly sustainable device from a company that wants the best for the world and the people who make these phones. However, many people do not want a Fairphone, but a nice Samsung. That is why it is a very good sign when the latest flagships from major brands are easy to repair. Hopefully it is an example for other manufacturers.

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