risers and fallers can now be seen in the app store

The Play Store is the place to download apps, games, movies, books and more on your smartphone. An update is now rolling out that shows what the apps (and games) are with more or less downloads than before.

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Play Store popularity: rising and falling

Looking for a new app, widget or game for your Android device? Chances are that you will immediately open the Play Store to search for what you are looking for. A small update has now been rolled out that shows apps and games that are popular, or have dropped in terms of downloads. In various overviews such as ‘most popular items’ you see an increasing or decreasing line for some content.

With this, Google simply indicates whether an app or game is more popular than before or whether it has dropped somewhat in terms of place. Android Police is the first website to spot this, but is in the dark about what the icon exactly means. For example, it is not known when an app or game rises or falls, which period is considered for the ranking or to what frequency of the number of downloads.

Google Play Store - ascenders and descenders

It is also not known, for example, how many places certain content has gone up or down, as this is not displayed. Knowing Google, we may hear more about this later in a blog post on the manufacturer’s site.

The descenders and climbers can already be seen here in the Netherlands. As mentioned, you only see that with apps and games. The new icon is not yet visible in the movies or books section of the Play Store.

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