robots, mouth masks and smart glasses

During the CES 2021 technology fair, several new smartphones and wearables were announced, which will be in stores in the coming year or later. But of course much more was shown. We list the coolest gadgets for you.

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The coolest CES 2021 gadgets

The major technology fair CES will take place completely online this year, but that does not mean fewer new products are shown. In addition to smartphones and wearables, there is much more to see.

Technology against corona

Of course, tech companies are working en masse on ways to protect us against the corona virus, because there is now a lot to be made from. For example, Ettie’s new smart doorbell can measure the temperature of the person in front of your door. The Arlo Touchless Video Doorbell can be used without touching it.

BioIntelliSense introduces the BioButton. You wear this button on your body, after which your heart rate and temperature are constantly monitored. Before you go to work or school, you will be notified whether this is allowed or not. The battery should last ninety days.

Targus introduces a UV-C LED Disinfection Light, which you place above your keyboard and mouse and cleans your equipment with UV-C light for five minutes an hour. AirPop makes a special mouth cap with a filter. The Active + measures the air quality around you and registers the number of breaths per minute.

The most special mouth mask comes from Razer. The company claims to have made the smartest mask ever. Project Hazel is made of transparent plastic to enable lip reading and has two filters, making the cap look a bit like a gas mask. Via the accompanying app, users are warned that the filters must be replaced. Of course, green light is also used, because it remains Razer.

Working from home

In addition to technology against the corona virus, CES 2021 also paid a lot of attention to working from home. Especially technology to make that a lot more pleasant.

Especially striking are the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 glasses. These glasses use augmented reality to conjure up virtual screens in front of you. This way your work options are expanded without having to place all kinds of screens in the house. Also, no one is secretly watching, because only you can see the screens.

Dell introduces a somewhat boring but practical Video Conferencing Monitor, specially made for the many video conferencing meetings we have today. The display has a built-in camera and microphone. The latter automatically suppresses the disturbing noises around you. Various screen sizes will be available starting in February from $ 520.

Lenovo comes on the market with laptops that support Dolby Voice. This technology makes your digital meetings sound better. These laptops, including the ThinkPad X1 Yoga and X1 Carbon, will be available from February.

The robots from Samsung

Samsung has introduced a few special robots for the home. These are not yet in production and only give an idea about the gadgets of the future. We all know the robot vacuum cleaner by now, but the new Samsung Bot Handy takes the next step. This robot can recognize and pick up objects and thereby tidy up your room or clean out the dishwasher.

The purpose of the Samsung Bot Care is to monitor your behavior. That may sound scary, but it’s for a good cause. The robot knows your schedule and rhythm, and warns if you spend too long at your computer, for example.

Transparent smart screen from LG

Of course, a lot of televisions were also presented during CES 2021. LG has a prototype that can bend if you want to play games and a lot of microled is used. The most beautiful screen also comes from LG and is transparent.

The idea is that this 55 inch screen rises from behind the foot of your bed and shows information such as the weather. LG manages to achieve 40 percent transparency with the screen. According to the company, similar screens have managed to achieve only ten percent transparency so far.

LG thinks that this technology can be used at home as a smart screen, but can also be a solution in restaurants and public transport. It is not yet certain whether this screen will actually become a real product.

Smart glasses

Also interesting is the new smart glasses from Vuzix, which you connect to your smartphone. You see stereoscopic images on the glasses and you can control your smartphone via hand gestures. The glasses should be on the market next summer.

The smartphones of CES 2021

Of course, the smartphones of CES 2021 are also interesting. Check out the LG Rollable, a smartphone that rolls out itself into a tablet. Alcatel has also unveiled two affordable smartphones.

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