Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) and A72 get 90Hz and 120Hz screens

This year, Samsung is introducing mid-range phones with a high refresh rate. Sammobile sources confirm that the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 will both get a 90Hz display. For the Galaxy A52 5G, a 120Hz screen is planned, a refresh rate that we now only see with high-end devices.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 (5G) and A72 get higher refresh rate

The arrival of 120Hz refresh rate to the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G – a mid-range phone – is a first. A higher refresh rate means that the screen refreshes itself more often per second, making the image look smoother, games more playable and websites more pleasant to read. Thanks to the powerful processor, the Snapdragon 750G, the device can handle this high-end specification.

For the 4G Samsung Galaxy A52 and Samsung Galaxy A72, the sources predict Sammobile a 90Hz refresh rate. This is also unique. Predecessors of these middle class devices still ran at 60Hz.

samsung galaxy a52 refresh rate

The sources of Sammobile also claim to know more about the camera specifications of the Samsung A52 5G. The website writes that the device has a 64 megapixel main camera on the rear, a 12 megapixel wide-angle lens, a 5 megapixel depth camera, a 5 megapixel macro camera and finally a 32 megapixel camera on the front. A wide-angle lens is ideal for taking landscape photos and the depth camera comes in handy when taking portrait photos.

What else do we know

It is still certain when Samsung will unveil the Galaxy A52 5G. However, it is not expected to be long. Thanks to previous rumors, we can already paint a good picture of the impressive middle class. The successor to the Galaxy A51 is said to have a faster processor, a larger battery of 4500mAh and about the same design as its predecessor.

The alleged suggested retail prices of the Galaxy A52 are also known. You pay 369 euros for the 4G model, which costs the smartphone the same as its predecessor. The 5G version is a bit more expensive and costs 449 euros. Samsung is releasing options with more storage space for both variants, which are also slightly more expensive.

Samsung Galaxy A72 refresh rate

A lot is already known about the Galaxy A72. The device gets – just like its predecessor – a 6.7-inch screen with thin edges and a small hole for the selfie camera. Furthermore, a fingerprint scanner is again located under the display and the primary camera takes photos in 64 megapixels. The possible suggested retail price has also been leaked: the A72 would cost at least 449 euros.

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