Samsung Galaxy A52 does not charge faster than predecessor

The successor to the popular Samsung Galaxy A51 will unfortunately not get a faster charger, according to new information. Samsung seems to be sticking to the relatively slow 15 Watt adapter.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 charging is not faster

The website MySmartPrice has discovered a certification of 3C from China and it shows that the Samsung Galaxy A52 charges with a maximum of 15 Watts. This means that the as yet unannounced midranger will not improve in terms of charging speed. With the Galaxy A51 (and also the older Galaxy A50), topping up the battery also goes with a maximum of 15 Watts.

samsung galaxy a51 review

Many Samsung smartphones, such as the Galaxy S20 and Note 20, can charge much faster thanks to the present 25 Watt fast charging technology. The cheaper Galaxy M51 also supports this. It is therefore a shame that the Galaxy A52, which has to succeed one of the most popular Android phones at the moment, is stuck at 15 watts. In our review of the Galaxy A51, we already wrote that charging is not very smooth. After half an hour of charging, 35 percent of the battery is full and a full charge takes about two hours.

According to rumors, the Galaxy A52 will get faster hardware than its predecessor. For example, the 4G variant would be equipped with a Snapdragon 720G chip, while the 5G version must have a Snapdragon 750G processor. The current Galaxy A51 runs on an Exynos 9611 chip from Samsung itself, which is not very fast.

What we know about the Galaxy A52 (5G)

It is unclear when Samsung will officially announce the Galaxy A52, but renders of the smartphone have already surfaced. The images show that the A52 looks about the same as its predecessor, but is slightly larger. This may mean that the phone also has a larger battery.

The back of the Galaxy A52 probably has four cameras, with the main camera taking photos with 64 megapixels. It is also expected that a wide-angle lens, macro camera and depth sensor will be present, just as with the Galaxy A51. Samsung already released the Galaxy A42 5G in the Netherlands and also seems to be working on the Galaxy A32.

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