Samsung Galaxy A52 presentation will take place on March 26

A fairly reliable source states that Samsung will present its Galaxy A52 on March 26. However, nothing is mentioned about the A72 model, which is also expected.

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy A52 5G on March 26

The rumor comes from Jon Prosser, a well-known in the tech world, who is often right when it comes to news about Apple’s iPhones. In a rather cryptic tweet, he mentions the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and a date of March 26. If that is correct, the company will present the successor to the Samsung A51 more than a year later, because that device saw the light of day on January 3, 2020.

Prosser does not mention further details. He also says nothing about the Galaxy A72, which we secretly expect at the same time. Almost all information about both devices is already on the street.

More about the Samsung A52

Samsung Galaxy A52

It is actually a matter of waiting for all official information from Samsung itself, but a lot has been leaked about the A52 recently. We have already seen images of the device, which show that the device looks a lot like its direct predecessor. According to rumors, the screen can refresh up to 120 times per second. At Samsung, that function has been retained for the time being on the high-end devices, such as the Galaxy S21.

It is speculated about the battery capacity that it will be 4500 mAh and is therefore much larger than that of the A51. In addition, we expect a 4G model and a version that can handle 5G internet. Prices of both devices have also been mentioned in the rumor circuit. The A52 will be available from 369 euros, but the more expensive 5G model must yield at least 449 euros.

Galaxy A72 on the same date?

We assume that Samsung will also present the Galaxy A72 on the same date as its smaller brother. That device has already shown its face and will include a larger screen. That device also comes on the market as a 4G and 5G variant and starts at a probable starting price of 449 euros.

More news about the Samsung Galaxy A52:

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