Samsung Galaxy A82 smartphone gets slide-out camera

Samsung would work on a successor to the Galaxy A80. This device from 2019 stood out mainly thanks to its retractable camera. It is not yet clear when the alleged Samsung Galaxy A82 will be released.

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy A82 camera may tilt

According to GalaxyClub Samsung is currently working on a new smartphone in the Galaxy A series. Based on an anonymous source, the site reports that the device is known as the Samsung Galaxy A82 5G. Not much is known about the mysterious device yet; development is said to be at an “early stage”.

According to the anonymous source, it is certain that the device can handle 5G, the successor to 4G that will be rolled out more widely in the Netherlands in the coming period. The Galaxy A82 would be a successor to the Samsung Galaxy A80. This device appeared in 2019 and is still available.

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The Galaxy A80 from 2019.

The Galaxy A80 smartphone caused a sensation with its tilting camera. This is because it slides out of the housing when you want to take a selfie. As soon as you switch back to the rear camera, the sensor will slide back. Thanks to this solution, the Samsung Galaxy A80 has no screen notch, and almost the entire front consists of actively used screen.

The source is still a little tricky. According to the website, the successor to the Galaxy A80 came on the market as Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite last year. Samsung may therefore choose to leave the Galaxy A82 name for what it is and to release the device under a different name.

Galaxy A line takes shape

Samsung uses the Galaxy A series to release affordable smartphones. The series is increasingly taking shape. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A12 and Samsung Galaxy A32 were recently released. Both devices are characterized by a substantial battery capacity and a competitive price-quality ratio.

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