Samsung Galaxy S21 does not get a charger ‘

Rumors about the omission of a charger from the Samsung S21 devices have been circulating for a while. Now alleged official images of the packaging have appeared. This shows that the charger is indeed missing.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 charger not visible in pictures

The images of the boxes of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra have been published by the reliable WinFuture. In the pictures, next to the device, we see a USB-C cable, quick start guide and a pin to open the SIM card slot. A headset is also not included with the upcoming smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S21 box

Rumors about the omission of a charger in the new models have been circulating for a while. For example, the manufacturer wants to save the environment, because users then continue to use their old chargers. This also saves costs for the production and shipping of the devices. After all, the boxes are smaller and weigh a bit less, so shipping costs are lower.

Of course you can always buy a better charger with which you can charge the devices optimally. WinFuture also writes that Samsung plans to introduce several new chargers. For example, the site expects a new adapter to charge the S21s (and of course other smartphones) wirelessly. New chargers with two or three USB ports are also mentioned. This way you can supply multiple devices with power at the same time. However, the site does not yet mention further details or possible prices.

In addition to those products, we also expect to see the Galaxy Buds Pro, the latest wireless earbuds from the manufacturer. The company will also probably come up with the Galaxy Smart Tag, a handy Bluetooth tracker that you hang on your key ring, for example. Have you lost your keys? Grab your smartphone and you will immediately see where they are. It is also possible to play a sound, so that you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - Steve Hemmerstoffer

Do not supply a charger: trend in 2021

Not supplying a charger seems to be a trend in 2021. Apple started as a major manufacturer with the launch of the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max do not have the charger. as earplugs in the box.

When that became known, Samsung made the company ridiculous in various messages on social media, because they did include a charger. In recent weeks, several of those posts have been removed, which has noticed enough people and websites.

Manufacturer Xiaomi offers two variants for the same price with their Mi 11. One version is supplied without charger, the other with. In this way, the company wants to make customers think better about their choice. In addition, there are manufacturers such as Fairphone or Gigaset, who have not supplied a charger for a while. This is of course also done for the benefit of the environment and to combat e-waste, or electronic waste.

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