Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra display is a first: better and more energy efficient

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the world’s first smartphone with a new type of display. This OLED screen can shine brighter and at the same time consumes less power, Samsung reports. It is likely that more (expensive) smartphones will get the new screen.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra display

The new type of OLED screen was announced today by Samsung Display and does not appear to be an innovation of the future. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has the display on board, and that smartphone was presented two weeks ago. Sales start this week. The S21 and S21 Plus have an older screen type.

The main improvement of the new screen is the lower power consumption. Samsung states that technical changes make a faster operating display possible, so that the screen uses up to 16 percent less power. In addition, the screen could achieve a higher peak brightness. That’s nice if you look at the screen on a sunny summer day.

From a test of the independent GSMArena shows that the S21 Ultra achieves peak brightness 1023 nits. That is actually the same as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (1024), but not better. Samsung itself, however, does not mention this. It must be said that competing smartphones, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max, OnePlus 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, do not exceed 888 nits.

Better screen in more smartphones

Although Samsung Display does not say a word about it, it is likely that more smartphones with the new OLED screen will be released this year. Samsung Display sells its screens not only to Samsung’s smartphone division, but also to competing manufacturers such as Apple.

Because the new screen is more expensive to make, it is obvious that the screen will only come in expensive smartphones for the time being.

More about the Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the largest and most expensive model in the S21 series, which further consists of the S21 and S21 Plus. Samsung launches the S21 Ultra on January 29 in the Netherlands and for a separate Galaxy S21 Ultra you pay 1249 euros. You can of course also get the smartphone in combination with a subscription. You will find the best deals via the price comparator below.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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