Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra strength tested

The S21 Ultra is the company’s latest high-end smartphone. A durability test has now appeared, in which the sturdiness of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is examined. Want to know if the appliance can withstand Stanley knives, fire and brute force? Then read on quickly.

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Sturdiness Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra fully tested

It is time for the robustness test of the Samsung S21 Ultra from the well-known YouTuber JerryRigEverything. The current Samsung flagship has been tackled with all kinds of violence. As is known, he still mentions that no charger is included with the S21 series.

As usual, it starts again with a test to test the scratch resistance of the screen, after the plastic protective layer has been removed of course. Then scratches already appear at level three, which normally only occur with screens with a plastic top layer. What seems? Two protectors have been applied, so then the real testing can only begin.

After that, scratches occur at a hardness of 6 Mohs, which is common for screens with a glass layer. The S21 Ultra is coated with the new Gorilla Glass Victus. In practice, a coin or bunch of keys will not scratch. However, you should be careful with a grain of sand, which can still easily cause damage.

Then it is time to edit the housing with a Stanley knife. With some force, Jerry ensures that he can scrape the paint off the aluminum frame and metal buttons. Then he looks at the matte back and edits it with a Stanley knife, keys and coins. Most of the ‘dust’ that is created can then be wiped off without leaving a trace.

Testing with the Samsung S21 Ultra

The eccentric camera module is also viewed up close with a Stanley knife, but is not as scratch-resistant as the glass back. A large scratch or simple damage occurs there a lot faster. The screen is also tested with a lighter and a large flame. It takes about 45 seconds for discoloration to occur. Not recommended, because that spot does not go away.

Finally, it is time for the well-known bending test. First, pressure is applied from the back so that the screen bends a bit. However, that is minimal and the device does not give a sound. Then the S21 Ultra is turned over and pressure is applied from the screen. That is also no problem, both the housing and the display remain intact.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - durability test

More about the Galaxy S21 series

The S21 series consists of three devices. In addition to the Ultra model, there are also the normal Samsung S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus. Our experiences with the S21 Ultra will be published later this week. However, our Samsung Galaxy S21 review can already be found online and we will discuss all the highlights of the most affordable device of the trio.

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